Online applications

Online applications for general registration as an occupational therapist are available to:

Apply online

For all other circumstances, please use the relevant downloadable form below.

See the National Board’s FAQ for further information.

  • Who needs to apply for registration?
  • The National Scheme
  • Registration Standards

The National Board fee schedule has more information on application fees and registration fees.

Registration forms

General registration

See the National Board’s accreditation page for a list of the qualifications required for general registration.

Renewal of registration

Online application for renewal of registration opens six to eight weeks before your registration expires. AHPRA will send you a reminder when your registration is due. Look for this as confirmation that online renewal is open.

If you do not renew your general or non-practising registration by 30 November each year, or within the following one month late period, your registration will lapse in accordance with the National Law and your name will be removed from the national register of practitioners

Limited registration

Non-practising registration

If you currently hold general registration, you can apply for non-practising registration using online services. Log in to your account to apply.

If you don't currently hold general registration, you can apply for non-practising registration by using the ANPC-96 form:

Review of conditions or undertakings

Common application forms

See Common Application Forms for a complete list of forms that are not specific to the actual registration process.

Supplementary information

Information about supporting documents required for registration is provided below.

Page reviewed 27/03/2020