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FAQ - Audit

The audit notice and checklist you receive in the mail from AHPRA will indicate the applicable audit dates – which will normally be for the previous complete registration period (one year).

You should keep your records for five years, so that you can demonstrate compliance with recency of practice, Professional Indemnity Insurance and CPD standards, if required.

The Board considers 30 hours work per week to be full-time equivalent (FTE), and the six months of FTE practice equates to 720 hours. So you need evidence of a minimum of 720 hours of practice in the past five years. The evidence can include a statement of service from your employer, including the hours worked as an occupational therapist, and a CV detailing periods of work and noting any extended absences.

You can be audited at any time, for any of the requirements that apply to your category of registration.

You can be audited on any of the Board’s registration standards at any time – sometimes for multiple standards as part of the one audit notice.

If you are selected for audit you will receive an audit notice and checklist in the mail. You will have four weeks to provide the information requested. Once AHPRA has received the completed checklist and supporting documentation, the submission will be compared against your declarations made in your last renewal application. AHPRA may request further documents from you or refer cases of non-compliance to the Board. You will be advised in writing of the outcome of the audit.

The expectation is that you must comply with the Board’s CPD registration standard. You should never make false declarations in your renewal applications. Cases of non-compliance will be referred to the Board for consideration. If extenuating circumstances such as sickness prevent you from undertaking CPD in the current registration period, you may be eligible for a partial exemption, as explained in the partial exemptions guidance document. An application for partial exemption must be lodged before the end of the current registration period. You cannot apply for the exemption for previous years where you may not have met the requirement for CPD.

Yes, audit is now under way and registered practitioners can be audited at any time on any of the four mandatory registration standards. If selected for audit, you will receive an audit notice in the mail from AHPRA. It includes a checklist that outlines what supporting documentation is required to demonstrate that you meet each of the Board’s standard(s) being audited.

At this stage, audit correspondence is only sent by mail. It is your responsibility to ensure that AHPRA has your up-to-date contact details. You can check your contact details online by going to the ‘access online services - practitioners’ part of the AHPRA homepage. Enter your user ID, date of birth and password. (Please note that your user ID is not your registration number). If you cannot remember your user ID or password, contact AHPRA online or phone: 1300 419 495.

Page reviewed 28/11/2019