Health Profession Agreements

Under the National Law, the Occupational Therapy Board of Australia and Ahpra work in partnership to implement the National Scheme, each with specific roles, powers and responsibilities set down in the National Law.

The guiding principles of the National Law require the National Scheme to operate in a ‘transparent, accountable, efficient, effective and fair way’; and for registration fees to be reasonable ‘…having regard to the efficient and effective operation of the scheme’.

Each year the Board and Ahpra publish a health professional agreement that details the services provided by Ahpra that enable the Board to carry out its functions under the National Law.

HPA Process

How HPA works

2020-25 Health Profession Agreement

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2020-25 Health Profession Agreement - Occupational Therapy Board of Australia and Ahpra  2021-22  PDF  
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7 September 2020 
Page reviewed 3/11/2021