Registration standard: Professional indemnity insurance arrangements

Under the National Law, occupational therapists must not practise the profession in which they are registered unless they hold appropriate professional indemnity insurance (PII) arrangements in relation to their practice.

Requiring registered health practitioners to hold appropriate PII arrangements is an important part of how the National Scheme protects the public by addressing the risk posed by uninsured practitioners.

Professional indemnity insurance arrangements means arrangements that secure for the occupational therapists professional practice, insurance against civil liability incurred by, or loss arising from, a claim that is made as a result of a negligent act, error or omission in the conduct of the occupational therapists.

Registration standard

Registration standards define the requirements that applicants and registrants need to meet to be registered.

Document name PDF  Date of effect
Registration standard: Professional indemnity insurance arrangements PDF (248KB) 1 July 2012

Further information for occupational therapists

The following additional documents have been developed to supplement the Registration standard: Professional indemnity insurance arrangements by providing further information regarding the expectations of the Occupational Therapy Board of Australia. These documents should be read in conjunction with the standard.

Document name PDF Accessible format Document date
FAQ: Professional indemnity insurance arrangements PDF (73.6KB) Web page 18 October 2017
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