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10 Nov 2016

Today the Occupational Therapy Board of Australia (the Board) has published two new resources to support final-year students nearing the completion of their approved programs of study in Australia who will soon be seeking registration as an occupational therapist.

The first is an animated introduction to the Board and its requirements.

Information video for graduating students

Webinar: Graduating soon?

The second resource is a recording of the webinar, ‘Graduating soon?’ held on Wednesday 28 September 2016. This webinar was hosted by Julie Brayshaw, Chair of the Occupational Therapy Board of Australia, and gives graduates a more in-depth view of the Board’s requirements, including:

  • the role of the Board
  • the role of AHPRA 
  • the registration process, including - when and how to apply
    • registration costs 
    • how to contact AHPRA and how we will contact you
  • a practitioner’s obligations, including
    • registration standards requirements 
    • guidelines, and 
    • notifications.

The Board has also produced a response to the most commonly-asked questions from final year students.

Further information

See the Board's fact sheets and FAQ pages for further guidance on topics including continuing professional development, audit, non-practising registration and recency of practice.

Other Board webinars are also available to watch:

Graduate Applications

Graduating soon? Apply for registration now.

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